A selection of superlative NFT projects to watch for on OpenSea

Since NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) took the world by storm with the $69 million dollar Beeple auction in March, a panoply of new collections have emerged on the scene.

Dozens of various platforms and marketplaces for trading and sharing NFTs have emerged. AtomicHub showcases NFTs through WAX and EOS. Hicetnunc and Kalamint are marketplaces for NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. There is also growing activity on the Algorand Blockchain.

Ethereum’s ‘OG CryptoPunks’ have unleashed a torrent of ‘Unofficial Punks’ followers lured by the timeless punk aesthetic, a lucrative NFT marketplace and a fledgling artistic movement that is fast becoming the new cultural zeitgeist.

CryptoPunks were arguably the first NFT, despite what some “crypto archaeologists” have unearthed, having originated back in 2017. The interest in NFTs has massively surged since then, and at the time of writing, the 9,999 CryptoPunks NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace are selling at an average of over 25 ETH (appx USD $50,000).

Are you a teacher or facilitator looking to make your Zoom sessions more interactive and engaging for your participants? The Definitive Guide to Zoom Teaching 2021 consists of helpful tips from an experienced professional.

While it is intended primarily for classroom teachers in secondary school and college/university, anyone who has to facilitate a group session on Zoom will benefit from some or all of the tips discussed below.

In 2020, the pandemic thrust most of the world’s teachers into an uncomfortable situation: to go from face to face classes to online classes overnight.

As a result, many teachers were given…

Universal Design of Learning

Are you struggling to find ways to engage your students in online learning? Here are 7 online learning best practices for UDL. Universal Design of Learning is best practices for student centered education. These tips will help you as a teacher increase learner engagement through distance education.

Daedalus and Icarus prepare for flight. The Minoan civilization flourished on Crete from 3000 BCE to c. 1450 BCE.

Key advice for educators embracing rapid technological change through the paradigm shift to engaging, online learning environments.

What can we learn from the story of Icarus and Daedalus? How do we apply the lesson of the Minoan fable to our context as educators the post-pandemic world of virtual learning experiences? Read more to find out.

Ian Rogers

Chief Learning Architect, Icarus Learning Solutions

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